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Every summer Vox Theater and the Dartmouth Department of Theater co-produce VoxFest, a week-long laboratory festival of daring new works-in-progress at Dartmouth College.

Production History


VoxFest 2018

Project Black Plague by Mikaal Sulaiman, directed by Hannah Chodos '06

Outlaw book and lyrics by Kate Mulley '05, music by Andy Peterson, directed by Benita de Wit

Maids by Carol Brown '12, directed by Max Hunter '13

Choices People Make by Jessica Andrewartha, directed by Daniela Varon '80


VoxFest 2017

Live Feed Developed by Jay Ben Markson '10, Carol Brown '12, Mia Jessup '12, and Max Hunter '13

Book Club Curated by Olivia Gilliatt '08, Deby Xiadani '15, and Matthew Cohn '08

Trash by Kate Mulley '05, directed by Benita de Wit

The Cure Directed by Thom Pasculli  ’05 and co-created with the Walkabout ensemble

VoxFest 2016

Grab the Land Directed by Cliff Campbell ‘04 

Grey Lady by Kate Mulley '05 directed by Lillian King '07 

Macbeth in Rhythm directed by Hannah Chodos ’06

Tear a Root From the Earth Act Two music by Johnny Walsh with Qais Essar, lyrics by Johnny Walsh, book by John Bair '06, based on a concept album by Gramophonic, directed by Marina McClure '04

VoxFest 2015

The Calamity by Christopher Wall '92 with songs by Howard Fishman directed by Patrice Miller

Tear a Root From the Earth Act One book by John Bair music and lyrics by Johnny Walsh and Gramophonic directed by Marina McClure

Merced de Papel co-created by Marisa Clementi '05 and Storm Thomas

The Special Election by Kate Mulley '05

URANUS (a play about waste) by Jeremy Pickard


VoxFest 2014

Haze created and performed by Niegel Smith ‘02

Pox written by Kate Mulley ‘05directed by Lillian King ‘07 

In Deserto created by Karisa Bruin ‘05 and Ryan Heywood written by Beth Blatt ‘79, Hannah Chase ‘06, Andrew Dahl ‘05, Maximillian Saint-Preux ‘15 directed by Thom Pasculli ‘05 

Road Kill Giant written by Aleshea Harris directed by Marina McClure ‘04  

A Star Has Burnt My Eye written by Howard Fishman directed by Sarah Hughes ‘07 dramaturgy by Kate Downey

VoxFest 2013

By So Falling  written and directed by Thom Pasculli ’05

Jimmy Carter’s Table by Hillary Miller ’02; directed by Niegel Smith ’02

Oneida: a new musical by Beth Blatt ’79; directed by Marina McClure ’04

Strange Bare Facts by Kate Mulley ’05; directed by Kyle Ancowitz ’98

Judg[ment(al)]  by Karisa Bruin ’05; directed by Mike Brunleib 

Hamlet & the Ghost created and directed by Marina McClure ‘04

Workshops 2012-2013

Here We Are by Dorothy Parker; directed by Marina McClure ‘04

By So Falling written and directed by Thom Pasculli ‘05

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino; directed by Marina McClure ‘04

The Reluctant Lesbian by Kate Mulley ‘05; directed by Thom Pasculli ‘05